Ntozake SHANGE

La parole dansée lit lianes aux cordes vocales

La poète Ntozake SHANGE nous répond en langue originale , c’est l’Amérique noire sur fond de Jazz, autant dire la parole comme un chant une danse, pas semblant, comme si mais dans les ton  des croches, en plein dans le mille car si on est noire, si on est poète, si on est adolescente des quartier, alors parlons chantonsjazz. et répondre même à la sécu, je suis jazze, je suis poète et ….

Sa voix est ferme est décidée, elle ne me répondra pas mais je l’aime pour ce qu’elle m’a apporté, dans la rue à l’angle de ce qui est maintenant je te jazze et je suis poète, que dire d’autre:

« people keep tellin’ me to put my feet on the ground
I get mad and scream
there’s no ground/
only shit pieces from dog horses and men who don’t live anywhere
they tell me, think straight and make myself somethin’/
I shout and sigh / i am a poet / I write poems /
i make words cartwheel and somersault down pages
outa my mouth come visions distilled like bootleg whiskey
/i am like a radio but i am a channel of my own
i keep saying i do this an’ people keep asking what i m gonna do/
what in the hell’ s goin on ?

…….. there are no poets who go to their unemployment officer / saying / yes i wanna put down my profession as poet / They are sure to send you to another office / the one for aid to totally dependant persons /

people keep tellin’ me these are hard times/
what are you gonna be doing ten years from now/
what in the hell d you think / i am gonna be writin poems / i will have poems / inchin up the walls of the lincoln tunnel /i am gonna feed my children poems on rye bread and horseradish/ i am gonna send my mailman off with a poem for his wagon /give my doctor a poem for his heart / i am a poet / i am not a part time poet / i am not an amateur poet
/ i dont even know who that person could be / whoever that is authorizing poetry as an advocation /is a fraud /
put your own feet on the ground / writers don t have to plan another existence forever to live schizophrenically / to be Jane Doe and Medea in one body / i have had it / i am no goin to be ol’ and grey wizened and wise as aunt mamie / i am gonna write poems till i die and when i have gotten outta this body i am gonna hang round in the wind and knock over everybody who got their feet on the ground / i ‘ma let you run wild and leave a poem or two with king kong in his aeroplane to drop pieces of poems / so you all haveta comme together / just to figure out / how you got so far away / so far away from words / however /did you capture language / is a free thing. »

( Ntozake Shange , nappy edges )


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